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I agree with a lot of those points man, and I also think an in game LFG would be the best bet by far. But if they're not even gonna add that I think adding an optional matchmaking would be fine. Yeah those games would probably suck dick but then again it's optional. But an in game LFG is by far the best bet and if it isn't in Destiny 2 imma be hella disappointed in Bungie.

If you add matchmaking for end game stuff, though, it kills the LFG sites. Look at the Division. Early on, a lot of people played that game, but the LFG sites would have around a fifth of the posts as Destiny because it had matchmaking and it sucked, btw. You act as if matchmaking and lfg sites can coexist, but the truth is that they largely cannot. Lfg dies off if the matchmaking is successfully.

If matchmaking is gonna be as horrible as people act then nobodt will use it. If lfg empties out then all the lfg people are happy with lfg. Nothing else to it. Matchmaking in the Division was terrible, but LFG was very weak. Elder Scrolls Online's group finder is seriously broken. But ESO lfg wasn't successful even before the console addition of text chat.

Bad matchmaking results in a lot of people using it and complaining about it, and the lfg system still suffers. Okay matchmaking means everyone using it, quite a few complain, and lfg sites are virtually non existent. I've never seen coop matchmaking that a majority of players really liked. Not saying it doesn't exist, but not in any games I've played. What made the division terrible to you? I have used it thousands of times and have no idea why it would be considered terrible. Its quick, its easy to manage your group, its simple to leave and rejoin, and the community has natural seperated into the different playstyles so everyone is able to find similar players.

It would be uttrtly disappointing to me if d2 did not take notes from it. Players trying to do stuff before they were ready and general player skill. If an activity had a suggested gear score of , early on you'd be lucky if 2 were over Trying to do one of the first two incursions with a match made group normally ended up as a nightmare with players not knowing what to do. Somebody would go off on their own, inevitably die, and not be able to be revived. Then there were mics. It was very rare to matchmake into a full group with everyone having a mic.

On story missions, that was no big deal, but when you get into incursions, it sucks. Strikes, it's fine, but you know if Destiny had matchmaking you'd end up with guys without mics at light all the time. Those arnt the fault of the matchmaking. Considering how quickly you can leave and rejoin a new group it is a minor annoyance.

Two 45 second load screens to try with a new group with the ability to be group leader. The leader has the ability to kick so you can not get stuck with rambos or noobs if you dont want them. Those same problems still exist in lfg but worse because lfg takes so much time that you are often stuck with bad players. Lfg players have no respect for your time because they know itll take you 20 minutes to get back into the activity with a new group. How many times have you joined a lfg group that made you wait once you joined?

Waiting for a friend, gotta go to the tower, going to bathroom, taking a dog for walk and the list goes on. That doesnt happen in the division because you are expected to ready to go when you join. Matchmaking is so quick and easy that you never have to wait. You can find a new group in 2 minutes so everyone joins with joins with a set up char, mic on, dogs walked, feed and fesh from the bathroom.

Otherwise everyone leaves or they get kicked. There are different styles of group like mic-less, noob groups, carries and try hards still but the difference is that you get a real usable choice betweem them. Lfg is terrible imo because it prevents people from raidimg and makes people sit through bs waiting because the alternative is another 20 min search.

They aren't the fault of the matchmaking, nor, but they are shortcomings of matchmaking. Assigning a random group leader also can lead to problems and trolling. It happened in Division. People would do a challenging story mission, kick the match made people at the end, and invite their buddies. I can honestly say these 20 minute windows you're talking about have never been an issue for me in groups I've found. Once in a blue moon, someone has to run to the tower real quick. It also isn't that hard to find a. And why does LFG prevent people from raiding? It's a system that Xbox itself is integrating into its operating system, so even if you don't want to go to an lfg site, you're still set.

And the big thing, to me, is the mics. To the best of my knowledge, no game has had a filter in matchmaking for a mic. I'm not even sure it's possible. With so many people either not using a mic at all, or using party chat, I'd be willing to bet it'd be pretty rare to find a team of 6 where everyone even had a mic, let alone anything else.

To start the division does not randomly assign leaders. When you want to complete an activity you can either matchmake into someone elses session or open your session to be the leader. The kick problem also exists in destiny lfg too. The point of matchmaking is not to make the best team ever with no dicks, there will always be dicks who kick or do some kind of scummy thing.

The goal of matchmaking is to make all the group content in the games accessible to all the players who bought it. Good matchmaking lessens the power of people who want to ruin the experience by allowing the other players to swap groups without issue. Lfg is an issue whether or not it has been hard for you. Many people do not partipate in activities just to avoid lfg,i see it all the time on the subreddit and in my clan. Its a joke, lfg is in game matchmaking but its a list with lots if waiting for invites, waiting for loading, waiting for more members and waiting for members to get ready just to have people quit after 2 wipes and cause the cycle to repeat.

I play on xbox and have used the lfg. What you write isnt what you get. People join then you kick them if they dont have what you asked for. I think the difference here is you believe the lfg works because you want matchmaking to be a filter to get exactly the teammates you want. I want matchmaking to be quick and easy so i can try new groups until im happy. In game matchmaking does both those things but lfg does not. You just kick people without mics and they will find a group of fellow mic-less players to run with.

No matchmaking means I never got to play raids. I would have happily played with 5 randomly match made people no matter how bad it went. But I don't want to go out of game to find people, it's dumb. Give me the option please! I'm not totally against matchmaking if it is implemented correctly, but you're completely jumping over the 1 valid concern with it. Matchmaking can work on PC, but console players are notoriously bad with comms. I don't think matchmaking for raids will ever work.

Not just because of randoms. But how many people who join will be afk, or not have a mic, or just fuck around and cause wipes? Raid matchmaking would be an absolute nightmare. As for all other activities, I agree they should have matchmaking. What's wrong with providing that option?

I'd want it, don't care about the risk of getting matched with crap players. The risk you'd take with optional match making. I've never had it happen, but I also have a lot more patience than the average person. I'd just report the two I had been playing with and move on to the next attempt. I mean what stops you from having that happen in an LFG group where you aren't the fireteam leader? They can do the same thing. Just imagine, matchmaking for the raid. You load it up for a fresh run, only to be thrown with a group at atheon about to kill the boss.

The reason it takes long to do it on LFG, is because we have to sift through all the random noobs as it is on there. Then use other options. Matchmaking wont replace your lfg it suppliments. Those noobs would be a lot less noob if they could actually run the raid without getting all the hassle and getting kicked. Not everyone has a patient group of friends to learn with and we were all green once. Let people make that choice for themselves, lfg, mm or fireteams. I'd say everything but raids. Definitely challenge and nightfalls.

I could understand when nightfall loss sent you to orbit but now it's just a heroic strike with no self res. Now that I think of it that could work. You should have to have a raid clear on your account to be eligible to use it though. I think matchmaking would be fine for CoE, but I get why they didn't. Completing the bounties takes a certain amount of coordination I get it too. Some people speed-run for HoJ rep, some people are just doing the 90, and some people are trying to do the 30k in one round. So in matchmaking, the guy going for 30k is always going to be the one frustrated when his teammates aren't.

Even when doing LFG, I have ended up in fireteams with people who just don't understand. Oh yeah for sure. Especially in weeks like this where grenade kills are king. You definitely need your teammates pitching in to get the 30k realistically. It's not like the weeks where its precision kills- that one is almost automatic. Given limitations of Destiny 1 that they are unlikely to ever change, I'm okay with them not having these be matchmade.

If you want to solo it, fine, if you want to get matched with randoms, have an option for that that you set as you are setting your destination. Some coordination definitely helps, especially if you're trying to complete a sigil in only 2 runs vs. But if a person requires that coordination, they're free to create a team. The option to drop in with randoms should've been included when they brought the old raids up, IMO. Also, after knocking out a few NFs with people sans mic, I think NF could easily have gotten away with matchmaking as well.

The amount of shit you have to do offline to make this game playable is nuts. I did it, and I love it, but I wish they'd put more stuff IN the game. Optional matchmaking should have been available for all game modes even patrol. I don't understand why they wanted people to go through 3rd party apps and sites to make raid teams. No sense at all in my opinion. After playing Prison of Elders matchmaking, I fully understand why Challenge of Elders doesn't have matchmaking. Why don't you want other people to be able to try COE? I've never understood this argument.

Have you noticed how everyone says that you should group together for activities like Crucible, but LFG postings for Crucible are near non-existent? Have you noticed that the only activities that have LFG posts are ones that don't have matchmaking? If CoE had matchmaking, a lot of people would play it a few times, have too many bad experiences with the built-in matchmaking, and then never play it again.

This would lead to fewer people using LFG for it. CoE doesn't have matchmaking because, just like the Nightfall, it is classified as endgame content, and Bungie wants you to find your own team for those activities.

We can debate the merits of that approach, of course, but Bungie certainly didn't forget to add matchmaking. That's a fine stance, but it would make a lot more sense if they put ways into the game to find that team in the first place. Even Halo had better social matching back in the day with prox chat, lobby chat and the ability to choose to stay on the same team between games. I really hope Bungie makes the social aspects a lot more social in D2, because that was certainly one of the few aspects of D1 that was always severely lacking.

I think that's what the social spaces were for. It can be a way to find players for activities, but for some reason people think sending a random invite without context is a good way to group up. That said, ingame listings for activities would be nice. Well we can't forget that Bungie intentionally left out non-premade fireteam chat when destiny released and it had to be added in months later due to community outcry. But then again I guess nobody uses it anyway. Just seems like Bungie dropped the ball on thr social aspects of this game and the community had to pick up the slack.

I love solo'ing COE - would probably never play it if it has match making. While I don't necessarily want Destiny 2 to be some game cluttered with 5, options for every little thing, I'd absolutely love more options for things like this.

I like having some non-matchmade activities. It helps not only when you want to run with your friends but someone is late, but also when you just want to go it alone. Optional matchmaking would be best, obvs, but until they figure out how to do that, I'm glad there are a few things without matchmaking. Although we've got Nightfall and Heroic Stories, too, so if people really felt CoE needed matchmaking, that'd be okay by me, too.

Ideally there would be an option to turn matchmaking on for CoE and Nightfall tier activities. The problem with this one is, some people just want to speed-run the CoE for exotic chances, and others want to take their time going for 30k points. Without a way to effectively communicate this, it could lead to a lot of grief for the 30k players. If we had the option for matchmaking or not, everyone wins. There is no valid reason to not offer matchmaking. No one would be forced to use the feature, but it would be available for those who want to. I think the entire game could have optional matchmaking, if it's done right.

Anything short of that is just disastrous. Your point is a good one: It just has a couple of issues with solo players or two man teams. I don't get why everything doesn't have a matchmaking option That's why you Premades with LFG. Same goes with PVP. Doing it with randoms tends to suck. But maybe I want to just try randoms? How does it hurt other people? You don't lose the option to enter with Premades.

The only fanbase where the arguement that less options is better is valid lol. It's a cake activity, burn strikes can be harder. It's why I never play it anymore, it's just such a chore to spend more time looking for people than it takes to complete the activity. I don't think so, actually.

You know how many people you'd get that would completely ignore the bonus scoring? If it's melee week and somebody is shooting, grenading, and supering everything, you'd never get 30k, and it'd take 5 tries to get 90k. I'd rather solo it than have one fireteam member destroy the boss's ass before we can get a decent team score.

Loneliness no matchmaking for prison of elders

Or a guy who just kills adds with bodyshots rather than trying to farm points. Except different people have different motivations in playing CoE. Some might want to get maximum score possible, others might want to farm exotics or might be doing a Queen's Bounty.

I agree with this because with all the raids being updated and active, Iron Banner, Story Missions, Nightfall I tried and eventually just started playing Iron Banner. While it would be cool to add matchmaking to CoE, there should be an option for NO matchmaking in strikes and such. I can't count the times me and a friend two manned a strike while rando drooled in a corner. You forget poor guardian these are the same people that hyped a new story "playlist" that doesnt matchmake or even move on to the next story mission.

Sly Hunter, dumb Titan. Part of me wants to agree, but I don't see it working well for people actually going for score. Certain combo modifiers, like Trickle and Super Kills, require an amount of coordination that you won't get from matchmade teams.

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I'll lfg for nightfalls and raids but I'm not gonna lfg for CoE. Sucks, I'd like to play it again but I don't care that much. They should all have matchmaking! I have 0 friends who play and lfg is so goddamn elitist I can't do any fucking end game content. I hope that this issue is arranged in destiny 2. It feels like I completely miss out on the most important part of every DLC.

Not to be that guy, but there are options. You can get the weapons you need from doing the exotic quests since all important tier 1 exotics are quest based now. If you are willing to put in a little time then you can easily meet most LFG requirements. There's a big problem with this The goal for challenge of the elders is point management. You have to manage adds and kill them in specific ways to gain as many points as possible, whilst also doing so in a speedy manner. It is also a good place to farm exotics, as you can blast in there and use the Ultra's reduced health, and the burns, to melt them in seconds.

Matchmaking would lump players who want points with players who want to rush through it and that would never end well. Sure, you COULD go in with a premade Fireteam, but as it stands I could go I alone and accomplish either the points or the boss rush without any difficulty. Matchmaking would eliminate that possibility. Also, its not matchmade so that when u lfg you can discuss the challenge bonus.

If it were matchmade then peeps may ignore it. I have a pretty active group of friends that play this game and raid regularly with them. However, I have a hard time getting anyone to want to join me for CoE. It's a bit frustrating to be honest. I really enjoy doing them solo, but it would be nice if that did matchmaking in the PoE regardless of what level it is at.

I recently discovered the argument for why it isn't. Don't get me wrong, I still like the idea of having matchmaking as an option, but this opened my eyes to the complications. It was the sunless cell exotic sword strike all over again. There should be optional matchmaking for everything in the game other than Trials. There's no good reason not to have it. I was on Fireteams last night trying to find a group, or even one other person to do CoE with and it was painful.

Finally did find two guys but they blew through every boss and our score was like 10K at the end. Which was fine, because it got my AoT quest done on that part. After that I tried to find a team for about 25 minutes to do CoE. Found one guy, waited 5 minutes. He sent me a message asking if I was cool with waiting a few more minutes.

I'm like yeah fine, 15 minutes go by and I just left. Plenty of people want to raid, which is totally cool, not many people seem to want to do CoE when I am looking, even when I post my own LFG's I don't get any replies. Like if people are lfg-ing for an activity and not requesting mics for it, it should probably just have matchmaking.

I'd probably run it more often if there were. I have to pull teeth to get friends to run it with me they still don't understand that the weapons are still highly viable. I'd rather there not be matchmaking, I would rather play solo than be paired with two randoms who don't have thumbs. Besides it isn't hard to do coe solo at all. Matchmaking raids, even though it would be optional, would just paint raids in such a bad light.

It would be near impossible to beat even the easiest checkpoints. They would be pull of AFKers and trolls. There are no set objectives so you need to know what to do or communicate and solve puzzles together as a team. The raiding population is a rather small percentage of destiny players, matchmaking would bring in a large number of players who would have a horrific time and destiny raids would get a bad rap. Think about the number of AFKers in strikes that try to get carried to loot while watching Netflix and the imagine that for Raid gear.

Spoiler Formatting

And also think about 6 random players with no mics trying to get through the abyss at Crotas End, or through oracles in VoG. Every time I see this posted I feel compelled to shoot it down immediately because of how horrible of an idea it truly is. Trials is similar but ultimately not as bad. It would make it a lot easier for fireteams to cruise through any match-made teams and get a few easy victories under their belts.

A match made team will very rarely have any chance at winning against set fireteams. Both of these game modes are End game team-based modes. They will never and should never have matchmaking. I think there are ways to make it work, but it would require a pretty strong hand on bungies part. For instance they could try to weight it so the match making wouldn't stick 6 randoms together if it could help it.

If you solo queue it will prioritize trying to stick you with a team of 5 that needs a 6th, if you go in with a team of 3 it will try to grab another team of 3 before it tries to grab a team of 2 and a solo queue and it will do that before it tries to grab 3 randoms. I think it would be a useful alternative to LFG.

It's easy for you to say if you never struggle to get a team together. But it would be pretty easy to fill up your friends list with the one or two competent players you encounter in matchmaking, then you don't need it. More than one person can jump into matchmaking and any good players encountered could be added.

But all that is just tiptoeing around that sheer selfishness of your opinion. You wouldn't enjoy it and you wouldn't use it, so anyone else who would find it useful doen't deserve a chance to try this content. Like, who cares if someone BSes around for a bit to look for a pattern on a checkpoint before their clanmates jump on?

It doesn't affect you, but somehow a potential negative opinion from a population that you're not a part of for an activity they simply can't play right now would be the worst thing ever. Matchmaking would ruin raids for me and many others. I agree with the op, challenge and nightfalls should have matchmaking, raids on the other hand, not a chance in holy hell.

Everything should have matchmaking. If you want to choose who you play with, you can form the group beforehand, then queue. If not, queue solo and get grouped. I feel like you not addressing that some people don't want to be matched with others displays a lack of brain matter: Everything should have optional matchmaking. I disagree in principle with matchmaking on end game activities, but I get that some people want them. But it has to be optional.

I'm asking for at least level 32 to be matchmade. I completely agree with you that Destiny is a social game, and that is exactly what I want it to be. It would be great if Bungie would allow for this in-game, without having to find people on external sites. I don't have any friends that play destiny. I've been a "solo" player since launch. All my destiny experiences have been through LFG sites. My first actual online gaming experience was with Destiny during the Vault of Glass raid.

I have now 3 32 characters, have max raid gear for all my characters from VoG and Crota, I've done the Nightfall and Raids countless times with randoms and have loved it! And I've never felt like the game was working against me because I didn't have friends to play with. I can't stress how easily it is to find a fireteam. If you're saying you want to do all these things but find it an inconvenience to go on the very same site you're on and find a fireteam than its really just unfortunate. Stop wishing and start having fun!

I've also started to use the The group just forms on its own and you all meet up in a party chat and get going at the scheduled time. It's great and you should use it! It's like being in a clan with friends ready to go when you are! But in reality, the 32 with team members go strait to the meat and won't touch it until it gives some rewards, and know bungle, they'll add rewards to it like, a month after, to sell more DLC.

I had that with the weekly this week. Got match made with a few half decent guys and we partied up and rocked out 3 nightfalls.

What is Bungie's reason for not matchmaking in the Broken Legion and onward? : DestinyTheGame

But the only reason we were match made together is because we were all on the hunt for our weekly fix of coins. Hopefully you're right and they bring in some loot that will encourage people to do it. Yeah me and some rando wrecked the weekly, i had wol, other titan blessing, and nova lock was feed many orbs and we ate everything. Im saying, people got matchmaking and now its not enough?. Its a fine line that Bungie will be walking with end game content utilizing matchmaking.

And the last thing we want is for time and resources wasted on a game mode not many people use, or for other calls to nerf our favourite things in game. I appreciate the feedback and will looking into LFG sites for my matchmaking needs. The community has spoken. I do find it funny how people are so anti matchmaking that confess they already have heaps of people to play with or have no problems pulling a crew together.

If you already have a team why does it matter that i'm prepared to play with randoms and potentially have a rough time. Matchmaking is not what's keeping solo players from completing end game content, I do not have a clan or friends that regularly play and have finished both raids and the nightfall every week since release. If you are mainly a solo player do the level 28 version once completed if you like the group you are in send them a friend request and a message asking if they want to try the level 32 version because you work good together. It will build your friends list and you will get tons of practice, you don't have to use lfg or fireteams.

I think this is better then having matchmaking for the higher level challenges, you know how rare it would be to do a lvl 34 challenge with a group from matchmaking? It depends what the level cap threshold is that Bungie could put in place. If they put a lev 34 minimum on the 34 challenge then the people seeking matchmaking have either spent considerable time in the 32 if they make that matchmade or they have a grinding machine in other top level PvE content such ar the nightfall and alike.

If they had matchmaking for the 34 challenge that allowed level 28's to enter it would be an absolute cluster. LFG sites are essentially matchmaking done outside of they game, that is the only difference. First if you are more then a few levels under the level of the event you can't start it, or if you are in a fireteam it won't let the leader launch it Then you have 1 or 2 new friends who play destiny and can do the lvl 32 mode if you are high enough level. Then you can start getting gear to make it to the level 34 version where you and your new friends can go next.

Also you must never use LFG or fireteams, alot of groups wash out there and don't finish content. It's not guaranteed that you will find a group that will carry you to the finish line. Most of the bad groups I have been in on those places usually have people with non-maxed vendor weapons and still have blue armor or blue weapons. Matchmaking will be a even worse place, way more under leveled people with junk weapons.

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Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. DestinyTheGame submitted 3 years ago by Gino. Come on Bungie, why are three tiers inaccessible to solo players? Want to add to the discussion? I'm asking for it atleast at level 32 …ya… It's the same thing as raids. Lets just say, my experience with LFG sites has not been great. I think some sort of proximity chat in the tower and in the wild would be great.

If this is your experience you are doing it wrong.